Love. Love is all that really matters. It feels so good. It makes all your problems go away. Love Love Love 

Love is just — it just is. It doesn’t need any conditions, it doesn’t need any money, it doesn’t need food, water, walks, drinks, space, shelter. It doesn’t need anything except acceptance of its existence. Its the easiest thing in the world to get, to feel, to give, to have. 

But… But what? But what? But what is the problem? Why is the easiest, simple, most beautiful thing n the whole world so hard to “get”? So hard too give…. So hard to …. Everything? 

Because of Ego. Because our idea of who we are, what we are, where we are, where we’re supposed to go. Ego is the enemy of love. 

I'm supposed to be right, because I’m this - I’m that — I”m the other thing. Whatever it is — I’m something. I’m supposed to be something. And if I’m nothing…. I can’t be loved. I can’t be loved unless I am that thing. I must be that thing that I need to be so I can be loved. That thing is what needs love. That thing is what NEEDS the love to survive. It needs to receive love in order to survive. But it doesn’t. It doesn’t need love… it doesn’t need anything. I doesn’t even need to exist… because Love works just fine without it. Without the idea of... I am this. Or I am that…. Love still works. It still works just fine without the idea of who you are or what you are or what you do, or …. whatever. 

Love is just there. It’s just there all the time but we miss it. We ignore it, we neglect it. We don’t “do” it… 

We don’t “do it” because we’re too busy being something. Doing something. Trying to be something. Trying to do something. We’re too busy creating the person, the image, the idea, the thing, the success, the failure, the image that needs to to exist in order for the love to be received. But the whole while, we’re not giving the love, not receiving the love, not loving…. Because we are sooooo busy trying to create the thing that is needed in order for the love to "happen". 

Stop blocking the love. Stop stopping the love from getting to us because we’re trying so hard to get the love to come to us…. 

This doesn’t work. It does’t work at all. 

Stop and love.